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Danielle & Mitch

Private Ceremony:

Dec. 18, 2023

Phoenix, AZ

Wedding Celebrations:

Spring 2024  

Scottsdale, AZ & New Orleans, LA

Courthouse Ceremony

Monday Dec. 18, 2023

Danielle and Mitch were surrounded by close family for their courthouse proceeding at the end of last year

Let's Get the
Party Started!

Scottsdale April 6, 2024

New Orleans May 4, 2024

We're breaking away from the pattern of modern weddings and skipping to the good stuff !


We hope you can join us and let loose at one of our celebration parties!


The Scottsdale
Garden Party


Beat the heat this spring with fun, food, music and more! We're hosting a cocktail event on April 6.

Come say "Hey!" and share in the joy as we celebrate with great weather and better company!

The New Orleans
Cocktail Party


We hope to see you in the Bayeux on May 4th, 2024 for a jazz-filled fest! Live music, dancing, and fantastic fun ahead as we lift a glass to the new couple and get our groove on!

Our Story

Our Story

Danielle had moved back to Scottsdale with her wonderful sheepdog, Bowie after a 15 year stint in Texas where she earned her college degree and started her professional career.

Mitch was working and living in the Phoenix area, enjoying his time spent with close friends and loved ones while he cared for his two goofball pets, Chewie and Kylo.

The two were introduced online and decided to meet at The Rack Pool Hall in Old Town Scottsdale where they would first discover a spark of connection.


Over the next two years that spark would grow into a wildfire of fun, adventure, growth and love.


On April 8th, 2023 Mitch proposed to Danielle on the same day they welcomed sweet Freddie into their family of pets.


Join us in celebrating Danielle & Mitch as they embark on their next chapter together!


Wedding Registry

Wedding Colors

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